Who is d’butterflies?

D'Butterflies Tour & Travel
D’Butterflies Tour & Travel
Let’s find out! who is d’butterflies…


d’Butterflies, TRUSTED travel agent that created by two lovely girls who believe in the power of dream. The founder have experiences in traveling for more than 5 years, exploring the beauty countries in  Asia, Australia, Europe, and America. Our founder is also a writer and journalist, it would make your trip different. The company base in Bali, the island that full of mystery and sincerity.

The WONDERFUL life’s story of butterfly is living in d’butterflies. We highly appreciate the process of being the leading one, not an instant result, as how the butterfly hardly tries to spread its wings, then able to fly to see the world.

d’butterflies would always be ready beside you, together to make your dream come true, get out of the old box. We provide some EXCELLENCE services, start from budgeted tour to the very luxurious one. Everything is POSSIBLE.

Our scopes services are various from Villa and Hotel Reservation, Mice, Transportation, Ticketing, Water sport, Cruise. We provides a unique, art, cultural, and literary tour in Bali, CREATIVE writing and cooking class, yoga, and let you to feel the VIBRATION of hidden and highlight places. We apply social entrepreneurship, together we can do volunteering program in any scopes to help those who are in need. SHARING and CARING!

You also can count on us to handle study tour, religious, and travelling to other parts of Indonesia, NOT ONLY in JAVA but also UNPREDICTABLE places. Our wings are flying to MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE, THAILAND. We currently spread our ‘wings’ to HONGKONG and CHINA, yet AUSTRALIA.

Ni Ketut Sudiani - Founder D'Butterflies Tour & Travel
Ni Ketut Sudiani – Founder D’Butterflies Tour & Travel

Our clients who then become family are coming from many places in Indonesia and abroad, individual, family and organization. Those who put their trust on us are the officers of Bali Province; The Faculty of Literary and Culture, Udayana University; Post Graduated Program Mahasaraswati University, Denpasar; Group of Bank BCA; Kukushikan University, Japan; Couple from Pontianak, Lampung, Samarinda, Borneo; Beijing, China, British Columbia, Canada; Adelaide, Australia, Boston, USA; Officer of OJK, Jakarta; Dutch Researcher; Ekselon BUMN, Group of Badung Hospital, Group of South Denpasar District Office, and many more..

No need to wait for years and years to explore the world, because LIFE is SOOOO BEAUTIFUL. Meeting people from different places is always bring something into your life. Log in to your e-mail, FB, twitter then contact us or you can directly call and send sms to us during 24 hours. We always be there for you!

“Carpe Diem, Seize the Day”

Management D’Butterflies Tour & Travel
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Website : www.dbutterflies.com


Ni Ketut Sudiani
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Business Development and Marketing Manager
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Operational Team
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