Balinese Cooking Experience Tour

Yellow Rice, Sate Tusuk, Pepesan and Tum Wrapping, Spinach in Tomato-chilli Sambal, Fried chicken with Bumbu Bali, Kuah Ares, Fresh Sambal, Pisang Goreng

Rp 750.000,00

Product Description

“Authentic cooking experience in a traditional Balinese village”

Experience the real Balinese culture through their traditional cuisine, as Bali holds such a variety of delicious delights.
Allow us to introduce you to the island of Bali through its array of aromatic Cuisine. These activities offer you some
of the beautiful views of the island, traditional Balinese villages, cultures and funs. We are located at Padangaling
village, Approximately 20 Minutes drive from Ubud or 45 minutes from Seminyak area.

We take you to the traditional market to buy all ingredients for cooking. Enjoy 15 minutes Becak ride (Traditional
Rickshaw transport) pass through Rice fields and villages, a great stop at Primary school to make close contact with
the students (morning class only).

Discover the spiced flavors of Bali’s virtually unknown cuisine. Classes offer a fascinating introduction to exotic
ingredients and unique culinary heritage of Bali. Learn how to grind, mix and prepare the abundant herb and spices
which add the unique texture and flavor to Balinese dishes, cook at traditional kitchen using traditional and unique
utensils. Our local experienced chef is always ready to assist you to explore the real Balinese cuisine.

Menu :

• Yellow Rice
• Sate Tusuk
• Pepesan and Tum Wrapping
• Spinach in Tomato-chilli Sambal
• Fried chicken with Bumbu Bali
• Kuah Ares
• Fresh Sambal
• Pisang Goreng

Morning class available
on Sunday – Saturday

Price Includes:
A-C Return Transfer,
Gift for student, Recipe,
Cooking Certificate, Class
time, all Local activities
Lunch or Dinner, and


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